Off Page SEO Techniques 2017

Off page SEO Techniques 2017 plays the key role in your SEO Campaign.lakhs of the website are being online day by day and Every website wants to rank on Google to get the traffic, Sales or leads. SEO is very scary thing fo Beginners because they think SEO is the very technical term. yes, it is a technical term but it is not SEO is very Simple which is divided into 2 Main Key terms.

  • On Page SEO

  • Off Page SEO


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In this article, we only focus on OFF Page SEO Techniques 2017 but let give you a small brief in of on page SEO. In on page SEO we optimized our website structure, navigation, URL, meta tags and many other things for the search engine and our website visitors.

what is Off page SEO 2017?

In off page SEO, we do not do nay changes on our website. In off page, SEO we work beside the created backlinks for our website from trusted and quality website to gain traffic and more trust in the eyes of Google. Google loves backlinks from trusted domain and quilty website.

There are many ways of making backlinks for your website. Directory submission, Social Bookmarking, PPT, PDF, Submission, Social media and many other the best top 5 off page Seo technique 2017 that surely gonna work for you are listed below.

Off Page SEO Techniques 2017

1.Local Business Listing

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Local Business listing is a powerful way of making links. Business listing sites are very authoritativeĀ and have a very good reputation in the eyes of Google.Creating links in yellow pages of your local cities can give a huge amount of traffic or even sales too.

2. Business Review

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Bussiness review websites can also give you huge sales leads . Create your account on Business review websites like Yelp and Submit your business they ask your friends and relatives to give your business a classic review on your profile.

3.Blog Commenting

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Nowadays blog commenting is being very famous techniques of backlinks the main purpose of creating backlink through blog commenting because it gives us an Do follow backlink. Comment on famous blogs who receive tons of traffic and get quality backlinks.

4. Guest Posting

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Guest posting is a very powerfull way of Making backlinks. In the Guest post, your have to request to trustable blogs who have huge traffic and awesome Domain authority and page authority. Send Email to blog owner that you want to write guest post on his blog . if he /she allow you. Give him a cacty title (tpoic of blog) links and images .

5.Social Media

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Social Media is being nowadays the strongest backlinks factor in the eyesGoogleogle. The more you have share on social media the higher the ranking you get. Always share your website blog post and service pages to your social media pages like Facebook, GĀ Plus , Twitter, and Linkedin.