Difference Between Do Follow Links and No Follow Links 2017

In search engine optimization there are lots ranking factors that you gonna take care of. You have listened about on Page SEO and Off Page SEO in the process of Search engine optimization. In Off Page Optimization the process the all we do is creating backlinks which is one of the most Important ranking factors.

Types of backlinks?

What are Do Follow Backlinks?

Do Follow backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors in term of Search Engine Optimisation. Do follow Backlinks give the signal to Search engines that you can trust that link and Follow them. Do
Follow Backlinks also Pass Link Juice to another website. for example, if I have a good website which has high DA and PA and a good page rank and you have created a backlink to my website via Blog
commenting for Profile Creation. So when Google Spider Crawl that page and see you have created a Do follow backlink in my high authoritative Website then Google will also give higher ranking to you.

What are No Follow Backlinks

No Follow Backlinks are also important for Higher Ranking but they are not that much effective as compared Do follow Backlinks. No, follow backlinks gives Signal to Google and another search engine that do not follow that backlink because they do not consider them as the quality links. No doubt No Follow links to send lots of traffic to your Website or Blog but in term of search engine optimization you should prefer the percentage of 80% Do follow and 20% No Follow Backlinks.

Special Tip: All social media and Other Website gives No follow backlink because they don’t want to share their link juice with us.