Best Keyword Research Tool list 2017

Keywords Research is the foundation of any SEO Campaign.Keywords are the on of the important Factor of Any SEO Campaign because if you don’t know the keywords of your SEO Campin then what will you rank for?

We have done research from last 5 years find the Best Keyword Research Tool list for 2017. This Best Keyword Research Tool list 2017 contains the bunch of Paid and free tools that can take your SEO Campaign to the Next Level.We and Industry best SEO Expert is using these Keyword Research Tool that we include in this best Keyword Research Tool list 2017.

This Best Keyword Research Tool list 2017 contains the list of free and Paid Tools that can help you to find the best Keywords for You Marketing Campaign. We have clearly mentioned the task, name, and URL of every tool so that don’t get confused while using these best Keyword Research Tool list 2017. Each tool has their specification for finding you the best-targeted keyword of a campaign that brings huge sales, leads, and Traffic to your Website.

Task Tool Tool Type Cost Link
Create word clouds from a list of keywords Wordle Website Free
Filter out keywords from a list Keyword Expander Website Free
Bad keyword and number stripper Bad Keyword & Number Stripper Website Free
Analyze the top 100 search results for your top keywords. Ontolo’s SERP Dominator Website Free
Find semantically related keywords to target for a page Virante’s LDA Content Optimizer Website Free
See how words are related in a visual way Visual Thesaurus Website Free
Scrape engines’ suggest algorithms (Google, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, various product engines, etc.) Scrape Box Website Paid
Keyword research for YouTube YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool Website Free
Receive graded on-page keyword targeting Moz’s On-Page Analysis Tool Website Paid
Combine keywords Keyword Lizard Website Free
Combine keywords Ontolo’s Keyword Generator Website Free
Compare interest in different topics Google Trends Website Free
Run ad-hoc checks on international SERPs Search Latte Website Free
Get demographic data for keywords Yahoo Clues Trend Analysis Website Free
Competitor keyword research SEMRush Website Paid
Combine keywords Merge Words Website Free
Combine keywords and get keyword suggestions Keyword Suggest Website Free
Group keywords WordStream’s Keyword Grouper Website Free
Find niches for keywords WordStream’s Keyword Niche Finder Website Free
Scrape suggest data from lots of SEs at once, incl YouTube and Amazon) Soovle Website Free
Google Suggest scraper Ubersuggest Website Free
Compare search volume patterns across regions and categories Google Insights for Search Website Free
Find related searches Google > Search tools > All results > Related searches Website Free
Keyword research/analysis SEO Effect Website Paid
Analyze traffic to find keywords it can likely rank for. HitTail Website Paid
Use Excel plugin and AdWords API to pull keyword research data Richard Baxter’s Excel plugin Excel Plugin Free
Find out search volumes for keywords Google AdWords Keyword Tool Website Free
Measure difficulty of ranking for a keyword Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool Website Paid
Find long-tail keywords with low competition Keyword Finder Website Free w/ Upgrade Option
Competitor keyword research KeywordSpy Website Paid!KIfRvq1BAANT6UMAAAbG-A&priority=
View related keywords visually by search volume, search engine Keyword Eye Website Free w/ Upgrade Option