The 5 Pillars of a Successful SEO

Site design improvement turns out to be harder to characterize each year. As SEO crosses fringes with substance advertising, web advancement and different parts of your promoting methodology, it’s difficult to draw the lines between them on occasion.

So we thought it may be a smart thought to clear up the condition of inquiry advancement in 2017. There are five key fixings to an effective SEO battle and no single fixing can work freely of the others. Understanding these five columns will enable you to recognize how you can make natural inquiry progress.

What are the five mainstays of SEO?

Web optimization is an unclear term nowadays and there’s a considerable measure of perplexity about what it does/doesn’t include. The five mainstays of SEO help clear this up by separating the key components of inquiry streamlining following quite a while of steady change in the business.

Nowadays, SEO basically implies a mix of five things: importance, specialist, site wellbeing, rivalry and client encounter.

1. Significance

Google has changed significantly in the course of recent years and the majority of the progressions identify with importance. In 2013, the Hummingbird refresh supplanted Google’s whole hunt calculation with a more propelled framework, which is currently to a great extent controlled by the tech goliath’s machine learning toolbox, including RankBrain.

Rather than coordinating volume of catchphrases and connections, as it used to do, Google now plans to match client goal and the setting of an inquiry with the most important substance accessible. Its pursuit calculation is showing signs of improvement at understanding the significance of client questions each day and advertisers need to organize client aim and setting similarly.

2. Authority

Pertinence alone isn’t sufficient to get you among the top spots in Google. Web indexes need to believe the data they give and this is the place expert comes into the five mainstays of SEO. The more online specialist you have, the more confidence Google and other web indexes will put in you with regards to positioning outcomes.

  • Yet, how do web indexes decide specialist?
  • Who connects to you
  • How much of the time individuals specify you
  • What number of assorted references you have
  • Who you connect to

The above signs disclose to Google that individuals believe you and inbound connections stay a standout amongst the most intense positioning components today. This may change later on yet Google is yet to think of a superior trust calculate than inbound connections from high specialist destinations.

Note: Last year, Andrey Lipattsev expressed that connections, substance, and RankBrain are the main three positioning variables in Google’s hunt calculation.

3. Website health

This is the place the more specialized side of SEO begins to become an integral factor. By web page wellbeing we mean the code-level essentials that make your site simple for web crawlers to find and record.

These are the key territories you have to concentrate on:

  • Broken connections and pages
  • Indexation issues
  • Code respectability
  • Organized information

The initial two things on that rundown have dependably been vital in SEO. In the interim, code respectability alludes to the nature of the code behind your site – how perfect, proficient and consistent with the most recent models it is – and this has turned out to be progressively essential throughout the years.

At that point, we have organized information, which is presently an essential piece of specialized SEO. Organized information gives web crawlers fundamental data about your substance so they’re better educated on the most proficient method to list it. This is the innovation that enables Google to recognize item pages from articles, for instance.

4. Competition

Rationale says the more contenders you have, the harder it is to hit your showcasing targets. The sum (and level) of rivalry you confront, the higher you’ll need to offer on watchwords, harder you’ll need to battle for top positioning positions and more vital you’ll be with your valuing and exceptional offers.

The vital thing is to know what number of contenders you have and their identity – yet this isn’t generally as clear as you may think. First off, your primary opponents in business and your fundamental adversaries in the hunt may not be similar organizations. It’s imperative you’re ready to make this qualification, recognize any superfluous organizations you’re going up against in inquiry and monitor any new opponents that rise.

5. User experience

Beside importance, the other huge change behind how Google positions come about has been a rise of client experience figures in the course of recent years. This has been to a great extent driven by the ascent of versatile, which is central to Google’s arrangements for what’s to come. So it’s nothing unexpected to see the inquiry monster give careful consideration to client experience and execution.

Here’s a snappy outline of client experience considers that can influence your inquiry positioning:

  • Stacking times
  • Versatile neighborliness
  • Route
  • Usability
  • Utilization of popups and different advertisements

These UX signs will directly affect your inquiry positioning yet making a strong client encounter likewise has a thump on the impact on different signs Google uses to decide your place in the SERPs. Strong UX ought to likewise mean the accompanying:

  • Bring down ricochet rates
  • Additional time nearby
  • Higher page visits per session
  • More return visits
  • More offers, connections, and references

There are other potential impacts UX could have on your pursuit positioning yet those focuses recorded above are the ones either known or generally acknowledged. Also, great UX expels a huge amount of transformation hindrances that will generally keep individuals from becoming tied up with your image.

So that is the condition of SEO in 2017 separated into its five key components. This ought to make it less demanding to comprehend and disclose what it takes to run a fruitful inquiry streamlining effort in 2017.

This likewise gives you a smart thought of where SEO covers with substance, plan and the other promoting fundamentals. Control your SEO endeavors with these five columns and you’ll have an upper hand over contenders who just deal with maybe a couple components.


Lawyers are bombarded with information about virtual marketing. to break through all the facts online, lawyers realize having a strong digital presence is important if they need to stay competitive.

Paid and natural search are popular methods of online marketing with fairly different methods. consistent with a 2016 survey, 53% of consumers use search to discover a local business as a minimum one time according to month, indicating that legal professionals need to have both an natural or pay-to-play approach or some combination of the two.

Even seasoned internet marketers debate the benefits of paid search over organic seo campaigns for marketing a law firm online. both have pros and cons, both require some investment, and each can be pretty complicated.

There’s A tool For every process

before we pass any in addition, we cannot say seo is higher than pay-per-click advertising or vice versa. no longer every job calls for a hammer, and every method has its region in online marketing. more frequently than not, those two channels paintings in a holistic style to drive visitors to a website. As is authentic with investing, lawyers have to no longer region all their eggs in one basket. A considerate, complete method is higher than a laser-beam focus on one channel.

For corporations that discover themselves in the position of having to choose between search engine optimization and PPC, right here is the fact.

Image result for PPC

PPC: rapid, centered And unique traffic during the last decade, percent has become a famous way for law companies to get direct exposure to the hordes of humans the use of Google or social structures like fb, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Mainstream advert systems make it clean for marketers to target the exact audiences they want (and now not the ones they don’t care about). despite the sometimes prohibitive charges of paid seek, attorneys can use it correctly to generate first-class leads for their corporations. A huge plus for pay-per-click on is the instant nature of it. As soon as campaigns are authorized, they could begin producing site visitors and leads. The No different shape of digital marketing has that type of effect besides e-mail marketing (which assumes you have a huge list to talk with).

Right here are some other pros and cons for PPC:

The cost per click on (CPC) may be very high for legal terms (in some cases, close to $100 in step with a click for competitive niches). but, top positions in search can then be offered, and no longer all legal terms are that expensive.
First-page search traffic can be acquired nearly instantly; however, as soon because the advert budget runs out or commercials are discontinued, the traffic disappears.
ads can be shown to the unique audience a lawyer wants to attain, helping him or her land the instances she or he desires. but, ad platforms may be complex and difficult to analyze.
although PPC for attorneys may be expensive, a few data show that 84% of traffic convert on their first experience a website.

Image result for seo

SEO: long-Lasting investment in your web Presence

search engine optimization has been catching the attention of regulation companies that recognize the growing need to have visibility at the internet and in the search. Google has a dominant market share inside the world of search, so it’s no marvel regulation firms fixate on it. even though SEO can take a long time to reveal results (in lots of cases, 4 to 6 months), the dividends it pays last long into the destiny.

Even after search engine optimization paintings has stopped, regulation firms can maintain to rank nicely for their keyword terms for weeks or even months for less competitive keywords. A SEO campaign is focused not only on seek but also an attorney’s complete internet presence. things, like producing exact content, building citations out across the net, and generating a presence on other websites for link building all, help build authority for a law firm. on this way, search engine optimization becomes a greater thorough marketing initiative in preference to a one-off campaign.

Forbes company Council is an invite-only community for executives in a hit public relations, media approach, creative and advertising agencies. Do I qualify?

Here are a few extra professionals and cons of search engine optimization: SEO can supply firms a strong footing in natural seek however scores can be lost to the aggressive opposition and set of rules changes.
good search engine optimization can help firms rank in programs like Google Maps, that’s used by hundreds of thousands of cell users. however, there are paid positions for those applications too.

Optimizing a site for search generates free visitors, however, there are costs related to hiring a search engine optimization agency or spending a variety of your personal time doing the work. above all else, lawyers should communicate to a professional when they weigh their options between paid and natural search. similar to there are a number of fly-by using-night companies for SEO, there are many for PPC control too. The channel you select should align with your company’s near- and long-term desires. It should healthy into your finances and those bucks should move in which they may get the great possible go back for your investment.

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10 Important Component of SEO Audit


1.Competitor research

Image result for Competitor research

start an search engine optimization audit with a very good observe the opposition. Who do you need to surpass in natural search results for target keywords? How are competitors attracting organic search visitors for specific keywords?

A competitive analysis consists of looking at competitor keywords, predicted monthly search visitors, page one keywords, inbound links, area authority, linking root domains and the estimated search traffic cost. All of this data is readily available via a variety of tools like SpyFu, SEMRush, OpenSiteExplorer and Ahrefs.

It’s helpful to examine all of those numbers in a side-by using-aspect chart to visually display the gap between your corporation and the opposition. A graph like this helps pinpoint where your biggest weaknesses are and where you want to focus your efforts.

2. Crawling And Indexing

Image result for Crawling And Indexing

Crawling is how your website is being examine by Google and indexing is adding your internet pages to Google search results. those components are the foundation behind a a hit technique to seo.

flip to Google search Console to decide whether a website is being well crawled and indexed. look at the robots.txt record to see which sources are being blocked from crawlers and examine the sitemap to look it meets all of the proper protocols. There’s nothing worse than discovering that a whole website is being blocked from Google seek. analyze the crawling and indexing of a site to ensure a proper set up.

3. Accessibility

Image result for Accessibility

There are several things that may get in the way of accessing a website. slow page load speeds, 404 errors or long server response times are a few of the common accessibility problems that can be found in an seo audit. Head over to Google’s PageSpeed Insights to see if your site has accessibility issues. also, check Google search Console to decide if there are 404 errors that need to be redirected to updated content. in case you discover accessibility issues, utilize Google’s resources or consider hiring an professional to restore any mistakes together with your website.

4. link analysis

Image result for Backlink analysis

Relevant links are one of the strongest ranking indicators in Google’s seek algorithm. How is your website online related each internally and externally on trusted 0.33-party websites? Google search Console has tools to analyze inner and outside links to determine how your records is connected and which pages are most essential. Ahrefs and Open Site Explorer also are top tools to analyze external links and discover link possibilities.

5. keyword analysis

Image result for keyword analysis

What keywords can bring in excessive-cost search site visitors and where does your corporation rank for those keywords? Which keywords are currently bringing in seek visitors and the way is this traffic changing to clients?

using tools like Google search Console and Analytics provide perception as to how keyword search positions effect performance. the use of keyword tracking tools like Ahrefs and Moz can display how keyword search positions alternate over the years.

6. content evaluation

Image result for content evaluation

What’s your content doing to help you drive business? Which weblog posts and landing pages are being consistently created to target keywords and bring in inbound traffic?

Audit your current content from each a seek engine and person angle. Is the content optimized for goal key phrases? Are website visitors spending a significant quantity of time engaging with the content? Are there any duplicate content problems inside the shape of web page titles, meta descriptions and goal key phrases?

Take your findings to create an seo content approach. now not simplest will an seo content method offer a solid roadmap in your content team moving forward, but it will additionally ensure which you’ll be developing content that each human beings and search engines need to examine. if you want some thought on your content method, use what Google offers you.

7. On-page Optimization

Image result for On-page Optimization]

Website site visitors and search engines consume content in different ways. On-page optimization works to appease each audiences.

Screaming Frog does a great activity reading on-page optimization. This device spiders your website and looks for on-page factors like the use of header tags, ALT tags on pics and period of page titles and URLs. perceive which pages have missing elements. Then, upload those optimization elements in your net pages to ensure you’re absolutely optimized.
8. website architecture and design

Google wants to ensure a secure, enjoyable revel in for a user. That’s why an evaluation of your consumer enjoy and behaviors is a critical a part of an seo audit.

Is your website cell pleasant? cozy with HTTPS? easy to navigate? The answers to these questions should be “yes.” otherwise, your website is subject to negative changes with current Google algorithmic updates. maximum extensively, Google’s algorithm has factored in whether or not a website is simple to apply on a cell tool. Use Google’s cellular-friendly device to determine whether your web site passes Google’s check.

9. business approach And online Branding

Image result for business approach And online Branding'

Where is your enterprise going and what are the challenges holding your corporation back on-line? as an example, is your employer moving into a new marketplace or new product vertical inside the next 12 months? in that case, an seo audit ought to comprise this direction into the content strategy and evaluation process.

An audit should now not be focused so much at the past as it must at the destiny. look ahead to maximise an search engine optimization audit.

10. Execution

Image result for Execution

The No. 1 task with an search engine optimization audit is taking motion on the recommendations. It’s easy to factor out regions of improvement. implementing those suggestions is much harder.

The factor of an audit is to focus your efforts on the priorities. make sure that you have a person who can be responsible for executing the high, medium and low priorities from the search engine optimization audit so you can improve your business visibility on-line.

Free Tools to track and improve SEO performance

Improving search engine optimization is to pull site visitors on your website, that could turn into potential leads and customers. here is a collection of free online tools, which make use of advertising and marketing analytics to beautify seo levels.

growing an SEO (search engine optimization) method is crucial to draw customer traffic for your website in addition to grow income and revenue. expert SEO gear track records approximately ratings, referrals, links and greater, to assist examine SEO strategies and create avenue maps for achievement. right here are a number of the free online SEO tools for brand spanking new webmasters.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics, the Internet analytics carrier offered by Google, tracks and reports website visitors, and is one of the most extensively used Internet analytics carrier on the internet – supplied in extra variations: the subscription-based Google Analytics 360, targeted at employer customers and Google Analytics for mobile applications, that allows gathering usage statistics from iOS and Android packages.
The free software gives complete search insights and website facts to analyze site visitors in 3 simple steps. just join up with Google analytics with offering some fundamental statistics about which site you would like to reveal. once you receive a monitoring code, paste it into your pages so that Google knows when your site is visited. In a few hours, you will be capable of seeing statistics approximately your site.
The tool can identify poorly performing pages with techniques such as funnel visualization, where site visitors came from, how long they stayed and their geographical position.

Moz Open site Explorer

Moz, the software as a provider company based in the US, sells inbound marketing and marketing analytics software program subscriptions. It hosts an online network of over 1,000,000 globally based totally digital entrepreneurs and marketing related tools, and has a chain of tools in its search engine optimization toolbox, including Moz Keyword Explorer, a leading keyword research device that provides keyword tips, search engine optimization competition, search engine effects page (SERP) features, saved lists and correct search volume statistics.

Google Trends

Google trends, a public web facility of Google Inc. based totally on Google searches, tracks changes in search volumes for key phrases. It shows how regularly a particular seek-term is entered pretty to the overall search volume throughout various areas of the sector, and in numerous languages.


SimilarWeb is the correct device for competitor studies. The digital market intelligence enterprise sells an application Programming Interface (API) product, custom reports, and professional offerings. SimilarWeb makes use of information extracted from 4 primary resources – a panel of web surfers made of millions of nameless customers prepared with a portfolio of programs, browser plugins, laptop extensions, and software program; international and local ISPs and information partnerships; net visitors directly measured from selected websites and a colony of net crawlers.

Google Keyword Planner

To understand what humans are searching for, Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool provides facts around the search queries that occur in Google and different assets. The device enables to build new search network campaigns or expand present campaigns to help you get keywords and advert organization thoughts, historic information, keywords trend, competitions, bidding etc.



SEO SiteCheckup is a software that tracks changes in search volume for key phrases. It instantly analyzes your search engine optimization problems by way of professionally tracking it and automatically maintains a track of weekly changes in greater than 30 search engine optimization variables. moreover, the device additionally aids to understand competitors’ SEO profile and suggests answers of ways your SEO can improve against the competition.

The fundamentals of email marketing

As a trusted associate in sophisticated electronic mail advertising, we focus on assisting bold brands to achieve breakthrough consequences. for this reason, we desired to percentage with you a few beneficial hints on the way to ensure that your e-mail advertising method is all in place so that you can obtain e-mail sophistication.

We recently posted our 5 key traits for 2017. one of the five developments changed into to awareness on the basics of electronic mail marketing. allow’s check why it is vital to make sure your these fundamentals are going for walks like clockwork.

making sure your e-mail advertising basics are jogging like clockwork
there are numerous basics of e-mail advertising and marketing. but, the 3 essential regions we consider that entrepreneurs must recognition their efforts on now are:-

The need to continually keep your quit goal in thoughts.
The significance of constructing satisfactory lists/information.
the necessity of automating your campaign these may appear to be the very fundamentals of e-mail advertising and marketing, however, it’s miles surprising how many manufacturers are accessible who do now not actually have these basics in location.

keep your quit goal in mind

All too often, we’ve all obtained e-mail campaigns without a clean name to the movement. whilst a logo is encouraging you to; purchase, update your choices, advocate a pal and observe them on Instagram multi-function e-mail – it’s easy to pick out that they possibly don’t have a clear goal for the email. What’s essential is that desires are S.M.A.R.T. and look to guide the vision, goal, and strategy that the business has got down to achieve. a few clever dreams may also include:
campaign: Welcome email – S.M.A.R.T. intention: 50% of all subscribers to replace alternatives inside the first day of receiving an email.
records seize Event Invite – S.M.A.R.T. purpose: 20% to RSVP to event invite with the aid of deadline
marketing campaign: Weekly marketing electronic mail – S.M.A.R.T. purpose: £50,000 online sales within March build a great list and statistics structure
holding relevant and updated records about your clients can transform an e-mail marketing program. To make sure this is viable it’s far important to have the subsequent:


A clear signal up method

A transparent unsubscribe procedure manufacturers must now not be frightened of the subscription affirmation emails or emails that ask the audience if they would love to unsubscribe. whilst you combine those kinds of emails along with your facts on recipient engagement, those campaigns can be used to cleanse statistics. even though in the long run you’ll end up with the smaller list, it’s all approximately exceptional now not quantity. if you have a smaller, but more engaged listing then your marketing campaign stats might be higher. recall, it’s all approximately reaching the first-rate consequences to your enterprise.
Automate your campaigns.automated campaigns consisting of; welcome campaigns, birthday campaigns, and transactional messages… all of those are the premise of automatic campaigns. After an initial funding of aid and you’ve got set-up those campaigns, they can be left to run themselves. but so many electronic mail marketers do not see the price of those campaigns, and either fail to set them up or do not replace them, so they grow to be dated. as an alternative, they generally tend to awareness on different campaigns together with the weekly newsletter, which does no longer work as hard, have as lengthy a lifecycle or as excessive an engagement price. You should always don’t forget wherein is quality to spend it slowly (and make you cash) and shift the focal point if wanted.

The lengthy and short of it

these 3 basics may also appear apparent, however, the truth is that there are so many manufacturers accessible that do not consciousness at the basis and their electronic mail advertising and marketing campaigns go through as a result. the opposite trends that were anticipated for 2017 protected; adding creativity to your emails, how the GDPR replace will have an effect on e-mail advertising and the usage of personalisation to your emails. To seize upon any of these visit our blogs to arise to speed. As continually, if you have any questions please get in contact, we’re constantly happy to assist

Free Social Media Management Tools

Free social media management tools 2017

Social Media is one of the most powerful mode of Marketing in these days. Social media can takes your business to next level which you even can’t imagine. You can get tons of targeted traffic from social Media. Facebook , Twitter ,  and Many other social media are giving huge amount of Business to many small or large Business. If we have done proper research on our targeted marketer on social media believe me guys you even cant believe that what type of result you will get from their.

Problem is With Social Media Management

No doubt Social media is best platform for market your business but it takes a lot of time to research your to targated niche market. While working in social medias platform , the tracking and management of Social Media is account is very tough job. You have to keep your eyes on Every campaign . You must have to while your audience is online on social Media when when you have to posting .
But… We are Making your Work a lot easier because We are giving you the best Free social media management tools list in which you will get free and paid social Media management tools that can really help you Manage your social media Market. This Free social media management tools can help you to track , Measure , post and many other extra ordinary things. We and Many other social media experts our industry are using Free social media management tools list which we are shearing with is you below so use is this Free social media management tools to enhance your Social Media Marketing.

Most Important On Page SEO factors

Search Engine Optimization is tricky and tech term for Newbies Bloggers. They thought that Search engine optimization is the most rocket science process and tricky process. They believe that Search Engine Optimization is dead it is not working anymore but they truly wrong. SEO which is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization in this process we optimize our website or blog for search engines and our website visitors to get the higher ranking on the search engines.


Types of SEO

  • On -page SEO
  • Off -Page SEO
    But In this blog, we only gonna Cover some of the most important On Page SEO factor.

 Most Important On-Page SEO factors

1.Keywords Research

Image result for Keywords Research

Keyword Research is the foundation of SEO It is one of the most important On Page SEO factor because if we don’t know which keyword we have to rank then how to we can rank them.Please do a proper keyword research of Market niche.

• Use Google Keyword Planner tool to find out keywords for your Market.

2. Title

Image result for title

The title is also the most important On Page SEO factor because it is first heading to your blog. Always target your focus keyword in the starting of your website title and keep your title in between 58 to 60 characters.

3. Meta Description

Image result for Meta Description

The Meta description is the short note which appears in just the below the title of your post in the search engines. Try to target to keywords in meta description also with the keyword density of 2 percent.

4.Url structure

Image result for url structure seo

Url Structure plays an important role in on page SEO Factor. You can also target your focus keyword in URL. Try to keep your URL short and clear. Don’t use #,? Or any numeric in your blog URL.

5. Heading Tags

Related image

Headings tags are the Essential On Page SEO Factor. Heading tags give your blog an interacting look. You can also target your focus keyword in H1 tags. Basically, H1, H2, H3 are only used in content.

6.Keyword Density

Image result for Keyword Density

Including keywords in your blog content is good but do overuse keywords in your content otherwise, your rankings get start to decline. This process is called Keywords Stuffing in the earlier years you can rank by doing keywords stuffing but Now I Google finds that you have to do keywords stuffing. It defiantly punishes your website.

7 Alt tag

Image result for alt tag seo

Using images in your blog is really good. it makes our blog more user interactive but always use image alt tag when you includes images on your blogs because Google does not crawl images but giving proper alt tag to your images Google can easily understand your images and rank them.

8. Internal Linking

Image result for Internal Linking

Internal Linking is the best way to decrease your website bounce rate. You can link your important inner pages of Website. In 400 – 500-word article use 4 -5 you link 4,5 internal pages.

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How does disqus comment system plugin Work ?

Disqus Comment system Plugin is one most Popular WordPress comments system Plugin which allows us to do comment on our blogs.Disqus comment system plugin gives your blogs professional comments system look and Feel.

Benefits of Disqus comment system plugin

  • Spam Free Comment
  • Give truly a professional Look to your Blog
  • super easy to use

How to install Disqus comment system plugin on your Blog?

Step 1: Go the to plugin section and click on Add New button.
Step 2: Search for Discus Comments System Plugin.


Step 3: Click on the install button and activate the Disqus comment system plugin.


  • Go to Comments section and then click on Disqus
  • Then you need to update your Database, click on update
  • disqus
  • Click on I don’t have account
  • Click I want to install Disqus on my sitedisqus
  • Enter Website name and category
  •  Enter continue to basic to basic plan
  • Choose WordPress as the platform


  • Click on configure
  • Complete your website details URL and etc.
  • Click on complete setup

And Boom Disqus comment system plugin is successfully added to your website.

Ways to Make Money Online

5 Ways to Make Money Online through Online Marketing

Online marketing is booming very rapidly in the World.Every Big or Small Business is being online to get more profits to their business. Online Marketing has changed the trend of Marketing dramatically.
So, This is good news for you because if your are an online Marketer or wanna Become online Marketer this Blog is best for your Because In This I gonna Share How to Make Money Online?

Top 5 Easy Ways to Make Money Online


Image result for Blogging
Blogging is the best Way make money online. You can make the hell out of Money by doing Blogging. To start your Blog you just a need to have a Website then Select your Blog niche and Start writing articles on selected Keyword niche. Share your Content target audience.Once your Blog gets start receiving traffic you can Monetize your Blog with Google Adsense and other ads monetize Network.

2. Youtube Channel

Image result for Youtube Channel
Youtube is also an easy way to make money online. In these days youtube is being the very serious platform or source of Income to YouTuber. You can Create your own Youtube channel select your own category in which niche you have to create videos. You can Create a tutorial channel in which you can your share expertise to other people or create any comedy prank video channel and monetize it.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Image result for Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is one of the most powerfull way to earn money at home. In Affiliate Marketing you have to promote products or service of any third party Company and if Any person through your website or through your landing page buys the product or service. You will get a commission for Seller.

4. Display Banner Ads

Image result for Display Banner Ads
Display Banners ads are also a way earn money online you can go sites like buysellads In this website you gonna met thousands of Big companies who will you to put your ads on your website.

 5. Create Fiverr Gigs

Image result for Create Fiverr Gigs
Fiverr is the best website to fire a freelancer in just 5 $. You can also sell your expertise in Fiverr.If you are good at SEO, Graphic Design Type of Service, you can use Fiverr to sell your Professional Service.