How does disqus comment system plugin Work ?

Disqus Comment system Plugin is one most Popular WordPress comments system Plugin which allows us to do comment on our blogs.Disqus comment system plugin gives your blogs professional comments system look and Feel.

Benefits of Disqus comment system plugin

  • Spam Free Comment
  • Give truly a professional Look to your Blog
  • super easy to use

How to install Disqus comment system plugin on your Blog?

Step 1: Go the to plugin section and click on Add New button.
Step 2: Search for Discus Comments System Plugin.


Step 3: Click on the install button and activate the Disqus comment system plugin.


  • Go to Comments section and then click on Disqus
  • Then you need to update your Database, click on update
  • disqus
  • Click on I don’t have account
  • Click I want to install Disqus on my sitedisqus
  • Enter Website name and category
  •  Enter continue to basic to basic plan
  • Choose WordPress as the platform


  • Click on configure
  • Complete your website details URL and etc.
  • Click on complete setup

And Boom Disqus comment system plugin is successfully added to your website.