10 tips for choosing the best domain

1. start with keywords

Before logging into on your favorite domain registrar, take the time to brainstorm a few ideas. it could be useful to have 3 to 5 keywords in thoughts while doing this workout. these words and phrases have to in reality define what you do (or need to do). mix and mash them together and see what looks proper and makes experience. Don’t pressure the technique — just let it flow.

for instance, let’s say you are beginning a local bakery. some terms you want to consist of could be your town, fresh bread, baked goods, bakery and so on.

2. Make it unique

Image result for Make it unique

Your domain is part of your brand. making sure it stands out is extremely important for you and your users. Having a domain that closely resembles another famous brand is never a terrific idea, as it could result in confusion.

Be careful that you’re not trying to be too unique, but. Forcing an alternative spelling of a common word can result in massive trouble. An example stated in the ebook, “The art of seo: mastering seo,” is that of the famous image site Flickr.

while the site founders established their area, they did now not use the usual spelling, flicker.com, and they may have lost visitors as a result. They ended up having to buy the effectively spelled domain and have the additional domain redirect to Flickr.com.

3. Go for a .COM

In case you are critical about building a long-term brand online, there may be not anything higher than a .com. the usage of a 301-redirect to drive visitors to a .internet or .org is completely first-class, however owning the .com or the equivalent TLD for your goal market country is critical.There are a number of reasons why this topics, however the maximum essential one is for your users. while there are hundreds of TLDs to select from, .com still carries the maximum trust with it.

Many internet users are still unaware that the opposite TLDs exist and can hesitate to click on after they see one. Make it easy for your customers and choose a .com. You’ll thank me in the long run.

4. Make it clean to type

if your URL is hard to kind, people won’t. difficult words to spell and long URL strings can be extremely frustrating to your stop users.certain, you may be able to add a nice keyword with a long URL, however if the person experience is negatively impacted, you’ll ultimately suffer.

5. Make it memorable

Image result for Make it memorable

word-of-mouth marketing is still the best of all. if you want to help your brand spread faster, make your domain smooth to consider. Having a great website won’t matter if no one can remember your area name.

6. Keep it brief

Shorter URLs are easier to type and remember. they also allow more of the URL to show up in the search engines, they match on business cards better and they look better in other offline media.

7. Create and meet expectations

what is the expectation you want to set while a person hears your URL for the first time? If they can’t instantly grasp what you do or who you are, you have a problem.while sites like Amazon, Trulia, Google and Trivago sound cool, it takes loads greater marketing and branding to make them work. domains like NYtimes.com, homes.com, and Overstock.com all will let you know what to expect up front.

8. Build your logo

Image result for Build your logo

If you can’t find a top area that meets the previous rule, use branding to distinguish your self.

the usage of a unique moniker is a great manner to build extra fee. Take notice that, because of this want for brand-building, you’ll likely be slower to advantage traction than if you used a greater easy and easy domain. but, if performed correctly, the effort can pay off ultimately.

9. Don’t fall for trends

simply because some thing is trending now, it doesn’t suggest it usually will. Copying what a person else is doing can lead you down the incorrect route. live far from strange spellings and masses of hyphens or numbers. maintain it easy, centered and smooth to don’t forget.

10. Try a domain selection tool

In case you are having a tough time brainstorming for an concept, no concerns, the internet has your again.try the usage of a website selection tool to help you discover the perfect area. tools like DomainsBot or NameMesh can help you locate that perfect domain. but remember to stick to the advice above while using those gear.

SEO backlinks for branding purposes

Promoting business websites is not as easy because it was. we’re now faced with a large competition in nearly all niches and promotion basically advanced to the level of which PR is a really important part. because of this branding is much greater importance than it was. Having a totally robust logo can without problems increase sales in the long run, which is what each single business available needs.

The problem with branding is that it takes a long term. You need to do diverse different things as a way to be successful. one of them is without a doubt the usage of search engine optimization one-way links. you may buy white hat links or generate them yourself thru your very own manner. regardless of the case, how you use them goes to continually have an effect on branding so you do want to do it properly. right here are some suggestions to help you do just that.

The use of logo call as an anchor link

Most SEO specialists will suggest that you use keywords as anchor hyperlinks and familiar keywords like “click on here” or maybe domain names. at the same time as all this is constantly an excellent idea, a large part of SEO is usually a variety. You truly benefit extra by using the brand name because of the anchor link. that is especially the case while the content you create can at once connect to the brand in one way or some other.

Generating brand focus

Image result for brand focus

One aspect that few people recognize about SEO is that the fundamental search engines are actually interested by brand mentions and will take these into consideration after they organize results. This essentially means that whilst you cognizance on branding as you construct seo hyperlinks you also help the keywords that you need to rank for. at the same time, you want humans to look for your logo and discover your websites ranking first. This isn’t always possible without brand mentions. The superb thing approximately this is that you do now not necessarily need to focus on the actual link. What you want to do is weave in logo mentions.

you could also focus on brand mentions as you construct your social media strategy campaign. while the logo mentions on facebook are not that effective, the ones that you build on other networks like YouTube or Twitter are going to assist.

Specializing in brand values

Image result for brand values

proper branding automatically approaches there are a few brand values which are advanced. you can use the search engine optimization backlinks that you create in order to spotlight the values. Linking values is counterintuitive because of the reality that this is not necessarily related to keywords but modern-day SEO is much more than simple keywords.

Final mind

SEO backlink building is no longer as it used to be. As you can see, you can now use it which will improve your branding campaign. In a comparable manner, it is able to be used for PR functions and so much more. search engine optimisation isn’t always going away and it may sincerely be a treasured device in your business.

Best Keyword Research Tool list 2017

Keywords Research is the foundation of any SEO Campaign.Keywords are the on of the important Factor of Any SEO Campaign because if you don’t know the keywords of your SEO Campin then what will you rank for?

We have done research from last 5 years find the Best Keyword Research Tool list for 2017. This Best Keyword Research Tool list 2017 contains the bunch of Paid and free tools that can take your SEO Campaign to the Next Level.We and Industry best SEO Expert is using these Keyword Research Tool that we include in this best Keyword Research Tool list 2017.

This Best Keyword Research Tool list 2017 contains the list of free and Paid Tools that can help you to find the best Keywords for You Marketing Campaign. We have clearly mentioned the task, name, and URL of every tool so that don’t get confused while using these best Keyword Research Tool list 2017. Each tool has their specification for finding you the best-targeted keyword of a campaign that brings huge sales, leads, and Traffic to your Website.

Task Tool Tool Type Cost Link
Create word clouds from a list of keywords Wordle Website Free http://www.wordle.net/
Filter out keywords from a list Keyword Expander Website Free http://www.goinfosystems.com/tools/keywords/index.php
Bad keyword and number stripper Bad Keyword & Number Stripper Website Free http://tools.seobook.com/keyword-list-cleaner/stripper.php
Analyze the top 100 search results for your top keywords. Ontolo’s SERP Dominator Website Free http://ontolo.com/seo-serp-dominator
Find semantically related keywords to target for a page Virante’s LDA Content Optimizer Website Free http://www.virante.org/seo-tools/lda-content-optimizer
See how words are related in a visual way Visual Thesaurus Website Free http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?u=989888&b=19149&m=5222&afftrack=&urllink=www%2Evisualthesaurus%2Ecom%2Flanding%2F
Scrape engines’ suggest algorithms (Google, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, various product engines, etc.) Scrape Box Website Paid http://www.scrapebox.com/
Keyword research for YouTube YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool Website Free https://ads.youtube.com/keyword_tool
Receive graded on-page keyword targeting Moz’s On-Page Analysis Tool Website Paid http://pro.seomoz.org/tools/on-page-keyword-optimization/new
Combine keywords Keyword Lizard Website Free http://www.keywordlizard.com/
Combine keywords Ontolo’s Keyword Generator Website Free http://ontolo.com/seo-keyword-generator
Compare interest in different topics Google Trends Website Free http://www.google.com/trends/
Run ad-hoc checks on international SERPs Search Latte Website Free http://searchlatte.com
Get demographic data for keywords Yahoo Clues Trend Analysis Website Free http://clues.yahoo.com/analysis
Competitor keyword research SEMRush Website Paid http://www.semrush.com/
Combine keywords Merge Words Website Free http://mergewords.com/
Combine keywords and get keyword suggestions Keyword Suggest Website Free http://duhomez.ironie.org/seo-widgets/suggest.php
Group keywords WordStream’s Keyword Grouper Website Free http://www.wordstream.com/keyword-grouper
Find niches for keywords WordStream’s Keyword Niche Finder Website Free http://www.wordstream.com/keyword-niche-finder
Scrape suggest data from lots of SEs at once, incl YouTube and Amazon) Soovle Website Free http://soovle.com
Google Suggest scraper Ubersuggest Website Free http://ubersuggest.org/
Compare search volume patterns across regions and categories Google Insights for Search Website Free http://www.google.com/insights/search/
Find related searches Google > Search tools > All results > Related searches Website Free http://google.com
Keyword research/analysis SEO Effect Website Paid http://www.seoeffect.com/seo-tools/
Analyze traffic to find keywords it can likely rank for. HitTail Website Paid http://www.hittail.com
Use Excel plugin and AdWords API to pull keyword research data Richard Baxter’s Excel plugin Excel Plugin Free https://seogadget.co.uk/google-adwords-plugin-excel/
Find out search volumes for keywords Google AdWords Keyword Tool Website Free https://adwords.google.com/o/Targeting/Explorer?__c=1000000000&__u=1000000000&ideaRequestType=KEYWORD_IDEAS%23search.none
Measure difficulty of ranking for a keyword Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool Website Paid http://pro.seomoz.org/tools/keyword-difficulty
Find long-tail keywords with low competition Keyword Finder Website Free w/ Upgrade Option https://kwfinder.com/
Competitor keyword research KeywordSpy Website Paid http://www.keywordspy.com/?ref=!KIfRvq1BAANT6UMAAAbG-A&priority=
View related keywords visually by search volume, search engine Keyword Eye Website Free w/ Upgrade Option http://www.keywordeye.com/



How to Add Yahoo Bing Media.net Ads to WordPress Website 2017

Yahoo Bing Media.Net is the second Most profitable Platform bloggers after Google Adsense. Media.net is Also Online Money Platform For Bloggers in which they can monetize their Website and Media.net Show Ads on Your Website.n these days Many Blogger is shifting from Google Adsense to Media.net because Google Adsense have very strict policies they can suspend Your Account Any Time If Your CTR goes up to 10%. Media.net work of on CPM(Cost Per Mile) module.

How you can  Add Yahoo Bing Media.net Ads to WordPress Website

Step: 1 Log into WordPress Dashboard

Step: 2Go to Plugins Section and Click on Add New Button

Media Net

Stepp:3 Search For Plugin Insert Post Ads and install it and Activate .( If have already installed and Activate the plugin that’s why to install button is not available for me.)


Step 4 Now Go to Media.net Account and sign in with your Login details.

Media Net

Step 5 : You Get a screen Like this and Now Click on Ad unit.

Media Net

Step 6 : Select Ads Size and give a Particular name to your Ad unit.

Media Net

Step 7: Select the design your ads and click on get Code.

Step 8: Copy that code and then go to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 9: Click post adverts and click on add new.

Media Net

Media Net

  • Super  Important Tip: Go to Post Adverts setting and tick the check mark where you whether you want to show ads on post or page ass well.

Media Net

Step 10: Give Title to add and Paste add code on advert code section and choose paragraph where you want to display the ads.

That it you have successfully Add Yahoo Bing Media.net Ads to WordPress Website.  Hope Now you easily  Add Yahoo Bing Media.net Ads to WordPress Website.

Media Net

Book: The Art of SEO Mastering Search Engine Optimization 3rd Edition Review

If you are fed up with your website Traffic and you are struggling with your website ranking on Google and other search engines. Many newbies, Marketers, and Entrepreneurs start SEO with very Passion and get stop very early with their passion because they did not get results.This Sounds Funny But yes this Bitter truth but you have to accepted it. In 2017 Search engine get smarter and In nowadays it’s tougher to rank your Website keywords and get traffic from Search Engine.

In this scenario SEO 2017: Learn Search Engine Optimization With Smart Internet Marketing Strategies Book can Do magic for you.

3 mentioned specializes in SEO share suggestions and modern strategies to help you plan and execute a complete SEO strategy. whole with an array of effective tactics from begging to superior, this 3rd version prepares for digital entrepreneurs for 2017 with updates on SEO tools and new SEO strategies which have reshaped the search engine optimization landscape beginners will acquire a thorough SEO training, whilst experienced search engine optimization practitioners get an in-depth connection with support ongoing engagements.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 Search: Reflecting Consciousness and Connecting Commerce
Chapter 2 Search Engine Basics
Chapter 3 SEO Planning: Customizing Your Strategy
Chapter 4 SEO Implementation: First Stages
Chapter 5 Keyword Research
Chapter 6 Developing an SEO-Friendly Website
Chapter 7 Content Marketing
Chapter 8 How Social Media and User Data Play a Role in Search Results and Rankings
Chapter 9 Panda, Penguin, and Penalties
Chapter 10 Mobile, Local, and Vertical SEO
Chapter 11 Tracking Results and Measuring Success
Chapter 12 Domain Changes, Redesigns, and Troubleshooting
Chapter 13 SEO Education and Research
Chapter 14 SEO Support: In-House, External, or Both?
Chapter 15 An Evolving Art Form: The Future of SEO

Who can Buy This Book

No Matter if you are totally a Beginner in Internet Marketing or your are experts this book has complete guide beginners as well expert how they can master in Search engine optimization.

Author of the art of SEO 2017 3rd Edition

Eric Enge: Eric Enge is the CEO and founder of content marketing and digital marketing agency Stone Temple Consulting. Eric’s been named the 24th most influential person in content marketing. He has spoken at conferences such as SMX, Pubcon, ClickZLive, and many other conferences. Eric writes monthly columns in Moz and Search Engine Land.

Stephan Spencer: Stephan has been involved in SEO since 1999 when he founded SEO firm Netconcepts, bought out by Covario in 2010. He invented search technology platform GravityStream, rebranded as RIO SEO Website Optimizer.

Jessie C. Stricchiola: Jessie has been working in SEO since 1997. She’s a co-founder of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, and founder of SEO company, Alchemist Media. Jessie, along with Alchemist Media, has been named as the first to identify and expose click fraud. She has spoken at Search Engine Strategies, Search Marketing Expo, PubCon, and Web 2.0.

Why should Buy this book

  • Discover the underlying theory behind SEO and how engines like google work
  • Learn the steps you need to put together for, execute, and evaluate search engine optimization projects
  • Examine a number of advanced strategies and tactics
  • Understand the intricacies involved in managing complex SEO project
  • Examine what’s important to build an in a position search engine optimization team with defined roles

How to run ads on multiple websites by single Adsense account?

As a bloggers, you all may know about Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a very popular Earning program by Google in which we monetize our website, then Google Show ads on your Website and if someone clicks on those ads then Google will pay us. Many famous bloggers are using Google Adsense and earning about 35 lakhs to 50 lakhs just via Google Adsense. Amit Agarwal the founder of Labnol.com and Harsh Agarwal the founder of Shoutmeloud.com is one of the most popular bloggers in India. Their incomes rise up to 50 lakhs per month.

Tricks Regarding these Huge Google Adsense Earning

The reason Main reason behind this huge earning is obvious a huge amount traffic on their blogs but another reason is that they monetize many other websites with their single Google Adsense account. In this article, i gonna tell you how to run ads on multiple websites by single Adsense account in just 4 super simple steps.

Step 1 log in to you Google Adsense Account

Google Adsense


Step 2 Click on setting

Google Adsense

Step 3 Click on my sites nd click on the plus icon to add new website and Done

Google Adsense

yes it is that much simple. Now you can simply create an ad unit and paste that code to the new website. After 24 hours ( it depends on Google normally ads stats appearing in 4 to 5 hours. )


Difference Between Do Follow Links and No Follow Links 2017

In search engine optimization there are lots ranking factors that you gonna take care of. You have listened about on Page SEO and Off Page SEO in the process of Search engine optimization. In Off Page Optimization the process the all we do is creating backlinks which is one of the most Important ranking factors.

Types of backlinks?

What are Do Follow Backlinks?

Do Follow backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors in term of Search Engine Optimisation. Do follow Backlinks give the signal to Search engines that you can trust that link and Follow them. Do
Follow Backlinks also Pass Link Juice to another website. for example, if I have a good website which has high DA and PA and a good page rank and you have created a backlink to my website via Blog
commenting for Profile Creation. So when Google Spider Crawl that page and see you have created a Do follow backlink in my high authoritative Website then Google will also give higher ranking to you.

What are No Follow Backlinks

No Follow Backlinks are also important for Higher Ranking but they are not that much effective as compared Do follow Backlinks. No, follow backlinks gives Signal to Google and another search engine that do not follow that backlink because they do not consider them as the quality links. No doubt No Follow links to send lots of traffic to your Website or Blog but in term of search engine optimization you should prefer the percentage of 80% Do follow and 20% No Follow Backlinks.

Special Tip: All social media and Other Website gives No follow backlink because they don’t want to share their link juice with us.


Off Page SEO Techniques 2017

Off page SEO Techniques 2017 plays the key role in your SEO Campaign.lakhs of the website are being online day by day and Every website wants to rank on Google to get the traffic, Sales or leads. SEO is very scary thing fo Beginners because they think SEO is the very technical term. yes, it is a technical term but it is not SEO is very Simple which is divided into 2 Main Key terms.

  • On Page SEO

  • Off Page SEO


Related image


In this article, we only focus on OFF Page SEO Techniques 2017 but let give you a small brief in of on page SEO. In on page SEO we optimized our website structure, navigation, URL, meta tags and many other things for the search engine and our website visitors.

what is Off page SEO 2017?

In off page SEO, we do not do nay changes on our website. In off page, SEO we work beside the created backlinks for our website from trusted and quality website to gain traffic and more trust in the eyes of Google. Google loves backlinks from trusted domain and quilty website.

There are many ways of making backlinks for your website. Directory submission, Social Bookmarking, PPT, PDF, Submission, Social media and many other the best top 5 off page Seo technique 2017 that surely gonna work for you are listed below.

Off Page SEO Techniques 2017

1.Local Business Listing

Image result for Local Business Listing

Local Business listing is a powerful way of making links. Business listing sites are very authoritative and have a very good reputation in the eyes of Google.Creating links in yellow pages of your local cities can give a huge amount of traffic or even sales too.

2. Business Review

Image result for business review websites

Bussiness review websites can also give you huge sales leads . Create your account on Business review websites like Yelp and Submit your business they ask your friends and relatives to give your business a classic review on your profile.

3.Blog Commenting

Image result for Blog Commenting

Nowadays blog commenting is being very famous techniques of backlinks the main purpose of creating backlink through blog commenting because it gives us an Do follow backlink. Comment on famous blogs who receive tons of traffic and get quality backlinks.

4. Guest Posting

Image result for Guest Posting

Guest posting is a very powerfull way of Making backlinks. In the Guest post, your have to request to trustable blogs who have huge traffic and awesome Domain authority and page authority. Send Email to blog owner that you want to write guest post on his blog . if he /she allow you. Give him a cacty title (tpoic of blog) links and images .

5.Social Media

Image result for Social Media

Social Media is being nowadays the strongest backlinks factor in the eyesGoogleogle. The more you have share on social media the higher the ranking you get. Always share your website blog post and service pages to your social media pages like Facebook, G Plus , Twitter, and Linkedin.



Best Google Adsense alternatives for blogger 2017

Best Google adsense alternatives for blogger 2017


Blogging is a lifestyle which every online Marketer or Digital Marketer Wants to live. Blogging is laptop lifestyle which has change life of many online Marketers. A Blog can make you that much famous which even you cant think. Shoutmeloud.com or labnol.com are one of the most famous bloggers in India.
Google Adsense is one of the most famous and trusted Earning Program from Google in which we can monetize our website traffic and then Google shows ads on the website if someone clicks on those ads you will get paid by Google.


But, In this blog talk about Best Google Adsense Alternatives for blogger 2017 because Google Adsense have strict policy and they can suspend your account any if your CTR goes up 10%. Some people are also facing many problems because they even can’t get the Google Adsense approval account.
So Many Blogger are hustling because they do not know they can have Many trusted Google Adsense alternatives.

Best Google adsense alternatives for blogger 2017

1. Media Net

Image result for Media Net


Media Net is second world most Popular website monetise program after Google.
Minimum Payout – $100
Ad Type: Text Ads and Display Ads
Payment Method: Pay Pal, Wire transfer

2. Infolinks

Image result for infolinks logo


Minimum Payout – $50
Ad Type: In-Text Ads and Search Ads
Payment Method: Pay Pal, Echeck, Payne, ACH


Image result for Skimlinks

Minimum Payout – $10
Ad Type: Text Ads (Affiliates ads)
Payment Method: Pay Pal


Related image


Minimum Payout – $20
Ad Type: Display ads
Payment Method: Pay Pal, Wire Transfer, ACH


Image result for Chitika


Minimum Payout – $10
Ad Type : Contextual
Payment Method : Pay Pal


So, You can Sign up with these best Google Adsense alternatives for blogger 2017 and earn.